Exhibition open in Hemel Hempstead

Here are some photos of my exhibition in Hemel Hempstead, at The Old Town Hall arts centre. It’s up until 2 March. As you can see it is a nice bright space and my pictures fit in well. Hopefully it’ll inspire people to buy some to put over their sofas/dining tables!

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The next exhibition

I am preparing for my next exhibition, which I am installing next Monday in the bar space at the Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead. This a little theatre in the High Street of Hemel Hempstead (which is the attractive old part of Hemel, with a superb Norman church and Georgian houses, now sadly bypassed by the new town).  https://www.oldtownhall.co.uk/.

It’s open office hours (10.30 to 5 Monday to Friday and before performances). Sadly, there is no longer a café operating there – but at least you will have peace to contemplate the pictures. The room itself is very pleasant with large windows.

Hemel church has a wonderful medieval steeple (foreshortened in this picture), worth seeing in itself as a piece of sculpture/land art. You can see it from the window of the gallery where my exhibition is.

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Coloured woodcut

The woodcuts stand alone as complete artwork. However, I’m thinking about how they can be put onto canvas and use paint and other media. I have used them in collage before. This one has a simple intervention – mounted on canvas and coloured with watercolour. It gives it an old fashioned book illustration look – a bit naïve. The colour softens the drama of the black and white image.  I might put it up in the Old Town Hall show – the  problem being that it doesn’t have a space on my plan, but I’ll take it along and see if I can fit it in.

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New woodcut

I’ve made a new woodcut of the Frithsden Great Beech (aka the Harry Potter Tree – now sadly deceased). I’ve made several woodcuts of it before. This one is larger at 60cm x 40cm, and unlike previous woodcuts have put trees into the background, making a more complete scene. It captures the feeling of being in Frithsden beeches in the winter (I hope).  I’m pleased with how it looks framed; but now I’m thinking of going even bigger… but that is a large physical undertaking and I’m not sure my arms are up to it.

It’s going on show in the Old Town Hall Hemel Hempstead next week in the next Common exhibition

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End of the show

So, goodbye Park Theatre. I enjoyed having my work in London, being seen by so many people coming to this busy theatre. If you didn’t see it, the pictures are still up on my website, http://www.jennythorburn.me.uk

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My Exhibition at Park Theatre


We hung the exhibition last Monday – many thanks to Melli and Laura (and Kate for local parking).  I think the black and white looks great against the brick, and the repetition of trees as you walk along the corridor is most effective. You can go and see it any time the theatre is open which is all day every day!


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Updating my website and other preparations

I’ve been updating my website to show my latest work and forthcoming exhibitions. This is always a fiddly job but sometimes you just have to do it!

I’ve also been framing for the show, buying more frames on line from The Picture Gallery in Bedford (who ring me up in a helpful way). Although this is cheaper than getting a framer to do it, it still is very expensive for a solo exhibition. I just hope I can sell some work to help with costs.

Speaking of selling, I’m reviving my Etsy shop FallsTheShadow. This is currently work in progress, so don’t look yet. This is so I can sell the prints I’m exhibiting (the theatre can’t do the sales for me), and I hope will make it easier for all. I haven’t actually ever sold anything through Etsy so we’ll see whether it is the best way. I’ll still sell by direct approaches, via Paypal and other ways.

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