The Bright exhibition


I’ve been preparing for my exhibition’ the Bright’ on the Upstairs Gallery, starting 8 October until 20 October. I’ve made a flyer/artist statement/info sheet – trying to do it all on one sheet of A4 so I only have to handle that, and can get it printed properly in full colour by Instaprint.

I’m also tidying up the paintings so can be hung. They are all on canvas – no frames, hooray! I’m warning everyone that they are quite different to what I’ve exhibited before. They have a lot to do with patchworks, that I have made since I was in my teens, so I wonder if this is a more authentic expression of myself. Sets webpage

This is the most recently finished picture – called Sets, it is 120cm wide and 80cm high – perfect for over sofas, and the stairs in the gallery. You can see the edge of the light switch peeking out form behind for scale.

I’m also going to have some fun installing small sculptures using acrylic sheets and vintage interlocking construction toys (PlayPlex and Octogons). I’m going to make these in situ at the time – risky!

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