Working for next exhibition, Being-with, making-with

Jenny Thorburn Dartsticks transcribed.JPG

It’s full-on preparation and production now for my next exhibition, with Karen Hawkins, Nicky Cornwell and Judith Israel at Dartington Space Gallery (in Devon) from 8 March to end of April. I’ve made a flipbook, currently at the printers, and I’m waiting anxiously for a proof to see if it actually works.

I’m basing my work on what I did on a course at Dartington last May. Which was throwing sticks in the river Dart. I have done a statement to explain this, but that is as ever some post-event rationalisation. I was trying to make ‘drawings’, marks? upon the water, to engage artistically with my environment in a non intrusive way. The river won.

By the way I’ve just realised the photo above is upsidedown. It’s a small drawing (using a photo – I didn’t do it real time) using Roberson Prout’s brown ink (I love) and home made oak gall ink which gives that lovely grainy effect, like runs in the silt of a river.

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