Dartsticks flipbook

I’ve made a flipbook for the Dartington exhibition (and to sell, I hope). This is another of my forays into making artist books. It is a book using drawings of sticks – as you flip the pages it looks as if they are  moving as if floating away down the river. I’ve also put a word on each facing page to make a text piece.

This was new to me. I took as my model a ‘Powers of Ten’ flipbook by Charles and Ray Eames (go to the masters). I was daunted by the need to made a lot of very similar, but slightly different drawings. As ultimately this would be in an electronic format (for printing) I had no qualms about using Photoshop – starting with a photograph of the sticks I threw onto the river Dart. Using the layers (one stick on each layer) I could move them slightly each time. I then laid the images out as a book using Word. Mainly because I know how to use Word, but I don’t think it is very suitable for this sort of work and I need to learn a better programme. I found a printer who does short run cheap paperbacks – CLOC ltd, in Tottenham. https://www.clocbookprint.co.uk/ They did a proof copy for me in a couple of days – in the picture above – which I’m very pleased with. I shall order 10 to start with, and see how they go. I am slowly building up stocks of my self published books, with the idea I’ll eventually take them to shops and fairs.


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