Installation of Being-with, making-with

This was installed on 7th and 8th March at Dartington Space Gallery, Totnes, Devon. It’s on until 1 May  2019. So, usual mad exhibition hanging- such hard work. But we got on with it, and it looks pretty good – all the more so as we only met once before to plan it.  Here’s some pictures:


My work – the DS series of pen and ink drawings are on the right wall, and Kaz Hawkin’s series of pigment paintings on the left. My flipbooks are stacked on the bench



This is by Nicky Cornwell


As is this – a river sonnet ( a photograph of an installation)


By Kaz Hawkins


The downstairs space, with Kaz’s work. My video is on the facing wall.


Pebbles by Kaz – these are made of clay with fragments of poems pressed into them. Laid out on a trestle table they were catching a lot of attention from passers by.


Also by Kaz these are  pigment pieces on paper, inspired by rocks on the North Devon coast


A framed ‘river nest’ by Judith Israel – collected from the Dart


An exquisite drawing of a ‘river nest’ by Judith


If you look in here there is a skillful piece of weaving by Judith




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