GDPR Aargh!

I’ve been ignoring this, but have had a niggly feeling I need to do it – I do use a mailing list to tell people (mainly friends) about exhibitions, and I do have enquiries and sell art work, so I need people’s information to do that.

Anyhow, Etsy came to the rescue, with an email telling my I needed to do it for my Etsy shop,  and a support document I could actually understand and tailor to my purposes quite easily.

So I’ve put my policy on my website:

My Etsy shop has a similar policy too, but with references to Etsy.

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A Course at Dartington


Last week I attended a short course organised by Art.Earth at Dartington Hall. it was called Form and context and lead by Chris Drury ( land artist) and Kay Syrad (poet and writer). Dartington was beautiful in full May garb, with good weather (until the last day). The course was about landscape/nature and art, in a practical way, with a lot of personal exploration. I got into ‘a reverie’ and  a playful state and didn’t make a huge amount, but a lot went in and is still being processed.  The above is a ‘drawing’ on the river Dart.

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End of exhibition

My exhibition has ended in the Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead. It all went smoothly – we didn’t even have to take the pictures down as the technician did it because we weren’t able to get there in the snow. There has now been the tedious job of recording and packing away into storage. However, a few of the pieces will be out again in a couple of weeks at the exhibition ‘Trees’ at the Open Door  centre in Berkhamsted. Meanwhile I’ve been making the prints that have been ordered.

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Exhibition open in Hemel Hempstead

Here are some photos of my exhibition in Hemel Hempstead, at The Old Town Hall arts centre. It’s up until 2 March. As you can see it is a nice bright space and my pictures fit in well. Hopefully it’ll inspire people to buy some to put over their sofas/dining tables!

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The next exhibition

I am preparing for my next exhibition, which I am installing next Monday in the bar space at the Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead. This a little theatre in the High Street of Hemel Hempstead (which is the attractive old part of Hemel, with a superb Norman church and Georgian houses, now sadly bypassed by the new town).

It’s open office hours (10.30 to 5 Monday to Friday and before performances). Sadly, there is no longer a café operating there – but at least you will have peace to contemplate the pictures. The room itself is very pleasant with large windows.

Hemel church has a wonderful medieval steeple (foreshortened in this picture), worth seeing in itself as a piece of sculpture/land art. You can see it from the window of the gallery where my exhibition is.

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Coloured woodcut

The woodcuts stand alone as complete artwork. However, I’m thinking about how they can be put onto canvas and use paint and other media. I have used them in collage before. This one has a simple intervention – mounted on canvas and coloured with watercolour. It gives it an old fashioned book illustration look – a bit naïve. The colour softens the drama of the black and white image.  I might put it up in the Old Town Hall show – the  problem being that it doesn’t have a space on my plan, but I’ll take it along and see if I can fit it in.

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New woodcut

I’ve made a new woodcut of the Frithsden Great Beech (aka the Harry Potter Tree – now sadly deceased). I’ve made several woodcuts of it before. This one is larger at 60cm x 40cm, and unlike previous woodcuts have put trees into the background, making a more complete scene. It captures the feeling of being in Frithsden beeches in the winter (I hope).  I’m pleased with how it looks framed; but now I’m thinking of going even bigger… but that is a large physical undertaking and I’m not sure my arms are up to it.

It’s going on show in the Old Town Hall Hemel Hempstead next week in the next Common exhibition

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