End of the show

So, goodbye Park Theatre. I enjoyed having my work in London, being seen by so many people coming to this busy theatre. If you didn’t see it, the pictures are still up on my website, http://www.jennythorburn.me.uk

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My Exhibition at Park Theatre


We hung the exhibition last Monday – many thanks to Melli and Laura (and Kate for local parking).  I think the black and white looks great against the brick, and the repetition of trees as you walk along the corridor is most effective. You can go and see it any time the theatre is open which is all day every day!


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Updating my website and other preparations

I’ve been updating my website to show my latest work and forthcoming exhibitions. This is always a fiddly job but sometimes you just have to do it!

I’ve also been framing for the show, buying more frames on line from The Picture Gallery in Bedford (who ring me up in a helpful way). Although this is cheaper than getting a framer to do it, it still is very expensive for a solo exhibition. I just hope I can sell some work to help with costs.

Speaking of selling, I’m reviving my Etsy shop FallsTheShadow. This is currently work in progress, so don’t look yet. This is so I can sell the prints I’m exhibiting (the theatre can’t do the sales for me), and I hope will make it easier for all. I haven’t actually ever sold anything through Etsy so we’ll see whether it is the best way. I’ll still sell by direct approaches, via Paypal and other ways.

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New Exhibition coming up at Park Theatre

I’m having an exhibition of my woodcuts and drawings at Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, London from 4 December to 29 January. This includes work I showed before in February in Berkhamsted, so it’s a chance for people who didn’t make it before to see it – or even see it again. I’m excited by actually getting to show my work in London to a lot of people as it is a busy theatre/café/bar space. It is accompanying a new play ‘White Fang’ on at the theatre, set in the Canadian northwoods. It sounds great. Here’s the link to the theatre website https://www.parktheatre.co.uk

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More framed light and other paintings


I’ve been back in the studio, working on more of the ‘framed light’ series. This is the latest one – where as much paint was removed as added. I am really enjoying the rubbed off, patchy effect. I have a fondness for outdoor peeling paint – I have many photographs of weathered paint surfaces. I am getting some of the same effect with this painting. Here’s another in progress:


I am also messing around with ‘drip’ painting


I want to do more ‘planned’ pictures; at the moment I largely let the paint lead, within rules I’ve set.


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New paint trolley

I am pleased because I’ve now got a proper painting trolley, on wheels. It is an old shop fitting – I bought it a few months ago in Heritage Antiques in Castle Street – now very sadly closed. I spent yesterday sorting out my studio space, and setting up the trolley. I am also pleased because we have two new studio members at Pressmore – another incentive to tidy up. Sadly, though, I didn’t feel inspired to start using the paint; I am in something of a post exhibition slump, and finding it hard to get creating again.


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Exhibition wrap up


This is a big one – a woodcut on kozo paper 97cm x 140cm. I like it best, but it didn’t get a great response; apparently it has a scary face in it! Which I’ll have to change, but I can’t  see it on the plate.

So it’s over. I’ve been spending the week wrapping up – delivering art work, going to the framers, making orders, writing up sales, costs, accounts, updating my database and preparing work to go back into storage. It is rather tedious admin, and uncreative, but I know if I don’t do it properly I’ll regret it – this is about being professional. I haven’t yet had time to reflect properly, but new ideas are bubbling from this, though I might do some completely different things for a while to have a rest.

I’ve put lots of photos on my website, and a pdf of the catalogue and artist’s statement which you can see here:


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